My name is Dezzi Nehemiah Kamali and I am an evolved form of Desmond Rupert. My mission on planet earth is to help guide others in a positive direction using visual and verbal communication.

About Me


I began in Decatur, Ga, USA. My hometown wasn‘t the paragon in Georgia but it was the hand dealt to me. I used my quality of being different in order to change my perception of where I was living. 

Art Beginnings

At the age of 8, I was introduced to a world where life didn’t abide by rules: The Art World. As I entered, the feeling of euphoria coursed through my veins and a clever mind arose. 

From DR to DK

I’ve experienced countless art classes, YouTube videos and books and began developing my own practicing. The passion grew larger and larger and that drove me to create. I knew I didn’t want to live by the books so I explored different art styles. During this journey I learned that I am a very growing/versatile creature so I kept my art that way.